A collection of ceramic home-ware by Day Design, exploring the notion of bringing the exterior into the interior by exploiting textures from organic forms, that connects urban living to the natural environment.



Forest of Ceramics


The collection is informed by casting the distinctive and varied grains from locally sourced wood. The use of clean, modern forms and the monochrome colour palette accentuates the textual qualities that express the uniqueness of nature within the wood grain. Bringing the outside in. These semi porcelain vases vary in size and texture relating to that of trees in a forest enabling individuals to purchase their own unique collection.


Sizes - small, medium, large and Tall

Colours - white, dove grey, pigeon grey, slate



Bee Bowls and Cups


The honeycomb serving bowls and teacups reference the fact that the honeybee’s pollination constitutes approximately one third of everything we eat. This intriguing geometric pattern is widely recognisable and aims to highlight the importance of bees to agriculture and the vital contribution they make to the food on our table.


Sizes and colours may vary - for prices and more information please email: info@daydesign.co


Photography by Lauren Maccabee: www.laurenmaccabee.com