Little Miss Alba is a children's fashion blog that strives to find the most beautiful, stylish and well-designed children's clothing available.


Stacey, the blog's owner, wanted a brand that reflected the stylish and contemporary content of the blog, so we worked on updating that most iconic of symbols - the love heart.


Since its launch, the blog has gone from strength to strength, helped by the strong brand presence we created for it.




Barber and Frank barbershop was a very exciting design project for us: one which we were given an open brief, but which also had to satisfy the demanding environment of a busy barbershop.


We looked at the heritage, skills and craft of barbering, and wanted to use materials and designs that reflected this within the design.


Apart from the vintage chairs, which we sourced, everything was made bespoke for the barbershop. From the copper lighting to the bench, the desk and the ply shelves to the pocked plywood wall.


We delivered a design which created a new and satisfying experience for customers.




Flat 15 is a London-based interior design and lifestyle blog dedicated to sharing a passion for interior design, art, travel, great style and overall happy living.


With such a clear focus on contemporary living, the blog demanded a similarly contemporary brand.


We designed a brand that signified the strong style element of the blog, utilising the letter 'A' to create a pictogram that adds a unique touch.

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